The De Young Museum – Artwork Highlights & Tips for Visiting

The M.H. de Young Memorial Museum, located in San Francisco, California houses one of the most significant collections of American artwork on the West Coast. The Museum is located in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park and was opened in 1895 by newspaper icon M.H. de Young, founder of what is known today as the San Francisco Chronicle. The original Museum collection was comprised solely of M.H. de Young’s personal artwork collection that represented over 300,000 articles that were collected during his 20 years of world travels.

The Museum’s permanent collection today includes paintings, sketches, art sculpture, photographs, and decorative art objects. Of this, the De Young displays 25,000 works of art at any given time. The majority of its collection is made up of the American art collection with artwork dating back from the 7th century to present day. Highlights of this collection include Wayne Thiebaud’s Three Machines, Frederic Edwin Church’s Rainy Season in the Tropics, Grant Wood’s Dinner for Threshers, George Bingham’s Boatmen on the Missouri, and Chiura Obata’s Lake Basin in the High Sierra.

The de Young’s permanent collection also includes the Art of Africa, that represents artwork from over 80 cultural and ethnic groups in sub-Sahara Africa. The collection comprises a large part of the permanent collection and an covers a quarter of the museum’s gallery. Among this collection is a wooden Dogon sculpture used in religious ceremonies and a multi-headed bush spirit from Ijo.

The third major part of the Museum’s permanent collection is the Art of Oceana. The highlight of the Oceana exhibit is the The Jolika Collection of New Guinea Art, a special exhibition of over 400 tribal artifacts such as tribal masks and ritualistic objects. The Jolika collection is the largest collection of New Guinea Art in North America and includes over 400 works of art alone.

  • Hours: Daily: 930a-515p; Closed Mondays.
  • Audio Guides are available at the Main Entrance. Cost: $7.
  • The de Young Memorial Museum offers free guided tours to all visitors. No reservations required. Check with the Museum for scheduling.
  • If you are visiting San Francisco for a few days, you may consider purchasing a CityPASS Card. It gives discounted admission to tourist attractions and Cable Car. Check their website for details.
  • The first Tuesday of every month is Free admission.
  • Admission tickets to the de Young includes same-day general admission to the Legion of Honor.

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Shrouded in Smoke – Barcelona Receives Alarming Reports on Air Pollution Levels

According to the latest reports, Spain is one of the top five worst ozone polluters in the world, and one of the furthest away from meeting protocols on greenhouse gas emissions as set out by the Kyoto Agreement.

In the Environmental Ministry Report released earlier this month, fifty of Spains biggest cities are more than exceeding governments guidelines for limits on air pollution. The worst offenders are Madrid, Seville, Valencia and Barcelona.

In Barcelona, the biggest contribution to these alarming figures are a massive increase in CO2 (carbon dioxide) emissions produced from an influx of personal vehicles on the roads.

CO2 levels have more than doubled since the 1990s, when Cataloni’s most rapid phase of growth and development occurred. The Catalonian Generalitat’s Environment Ministry reports that 98 % of CO2 pollution is directly caused by road transport activity.

In 2006, a report released by the Encuasta de Movilidad indicated that just over 40% of Catalonians use a private vehicle for an average of three trips per day. Three times the figure for those that use public transport. This is despite a high awareness of the damage cars cause the environment as well as the higher costs of using a household vehicle compared to public transport costs.

It wasn’t until 2005 that the Spanish government actually passed laws relating to greenhouse gas emissions but these early reports reveal that laws in themselves are not enough.

A spokesman for Pollution Prevention confirms that air pollution is ‘one of the biggest problems threatening Spains environment today. Almost all cities in Spain are failing to comply with air quality regulations’.

With the naked eye it’s easy enough to observe the thick, dark haze that sits just above Barcelona’s skyline. But there are other signs of the damage affecting not only the environment, but also threatening to affect one of the citys biggest growth industries: tourism.

A recent increase in the amount of jellyfish, locally known as medeusas in waters of the Catalan coast have for the last few years been responsible for beach closures in and around Barcelona, preventing visitors access to one of the area’s biggest summer attractions- the Mediterranean Sea.

A jellyfish plague was first noticed in Catalonia in 2005. The Oceana Environment Group reported that numbers had tripled and that an average of 10 jellyfish per square meter were counted close to beaches surrounding Barcelona.

In 2006, 30,000 people were treated over the summer for jellyfish stings and a number of beaches were closed to prevent further injuries. Whilst not usually fatal, a jellyfish sting can cause pain and discomfort and in severe cases of allergic reaction, a heart attack may be triggered.

Increasing numbers of jellyfish have been attributed to rising sea temperatures, which are now at least 2 degrees above average for this time of year. Rising sea temperatures are caused when a buildup of greenhouse emissions prevent the dissipation of the suns heat. The smog produced from pollution acts like a layer of insulation, trapping the heat close to the earths surface.

Warmer waters boost the rate at which jellyfish grow and multiply, and their natural predators, larger fish such as tuna and swordfish have been migrating further away from the Mediterranean in favour of cooler currents found in the Atlantic ocean.

Small boats can be seen trawling for jellyfish and their larvae just off the coast in an effort to reduce the amount that make their way close to shore, but if a solution is not found to combat the problem on a long term basis, holiday makers will soon have to find alternative summer leisure activities other than a visit to the beach.

Aside from environmental problems, air pollution has been labeled responsible for an increase in the number of cases of illnesses including heart problems, cancer, asthma, allergies and other cardiovascular complications in patients. It appears that Catalonians are now choking on their own smoke.

On July 12th, the Catalonian Regional Government approved a plan to reduce the permitted traveling speed for cars on major roadways in Catalonia to less than 80 kms per hour in an effort to lower car emission levels.

These new limits will come into effect by this autumn and will affect Barcelona as well as 15 other municipalities in Catalonia, with a target reduction figure of 30%.

The affects of this plan remain to be seen. One can only hope that Catalonians will take action to reduce greenhouse gas emission, for the security of their health and the health of the Spanish coast.

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How to Get Cheap Flights To and From Barcelona

Barcelona is a key tourist destination in Europe. The coastal town is the second largest city in Spain with a population of over two million people. Its prominence as a tourist destination heightened after it hosted the 1992 Olympics games. The city passenger volume also rose with the advent of cheap flights that saw many people afford regular travel especially across Europe. Anyone can now get the cheapest flights to Barcelona through price compare sites. The sites give you the cheap flights and airlines to connect to a given city.

If you are planning an economical trip for holiday, business or otherwise, the tips below will be of aid to you to get the best Barcelona flight.

Try and Target Off Peak Season

Targeting off peak seasons can at times be hard especially if you are traveling for specific reasons such as business. However, if you can postpone your travel or if you have a choice as to when to travel, you should try and target off peak seasons. Barcelona has its off peak season between January and March when there is winter. The winters in Barcelona goes as low as 10 degrees centigrade which is not too cold. At these seasons, you can get the cheapest flights to Barcelona from any destination. Some of the high season periods are between June and September. Barcelona weather is most conducive at this time and there are many festivals and entertainment activities within this season.

Get Your Travel Dates Early

One other way to reduce on the costs of your Barcelona flight is to plan your travel dates in good time. By planning your trip early, you can book well in advance and get better prices for your Barcelona flight. Early booking also helps you to take time in your fare comparison and even in better planning of your trip

Search For Best Rates From Fare Compare Sites

Once you have settled on the travel dates well in advance, you can get ahead and search through different fare compare sites. Fare compare websites helps you to identify the cheapest flights to a given destination. However, most Barcelona Flight operators offer only local routes, European routes and some routes to Northern Africa. Therefore, if you are connecting to or from other destination, you may have to take an indirect flight to get to Barcelona. This is a major limitation for travel to Barcelona and the authorities in the city are currently seeking of ways of expansion to accommodate more international flight destinations.

Get Low fare prices from in Cheap Flights Websites

Besides checking fare compare flights, you can check out fares from cheap flights operators within a given route. Cheap flights, also referred to as no frill flights, operate at the lowest costs so as to have the cheapest fares for a given route. The main cheap flights operators in Barcelona include EasyJet that plies routes such as Amsterdam, France, Italy and Germany. On the other hand, Vueling Airlines connects Barcelona flight travels to Italy, Portugal, France and Czech Republic. Local cheap flights include Iberia, Vueling, Ryanair and Spanair. By searching through the cheap flights that are offered in a specific route, you can get some of the cheapest flights to Barcelona.

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