The Truth Behind Real Madrid

Whether you are new to the sport of football, or you have been a fan for years, odds are you have heard some mention of the team Real Madrid. Now known as one of the most successful professional football clubs they, like other teams of its time, started from humble beginnings.

Things were rough when they started out in the first decade of the 20th century. While much effort went into finding a permanent plot of land for the team to play on, success was made with the rental of a plot of land on Bullring Avenue. Not long after that, Real Madrid was formed. Once considered part of Espanol de Madrid, Real Madrid was officially founded back in 1902, with club regulations being approved not long after the team’s creation date.

While the team had some success, its first official title was not achieved until 1905 with the first international event taking place later that same year. Real Madrid began to make their name known with the accomplishment of winning the Cup of Spain for three consecutive years, from 1905 to 1907 to be exact. When 1909 rolled around, it proved to be quite a successful year for Real Madrid. After a meeting with delegates from other Spanish football clubs, the Spanish FA was created with Real Madrid’s president being named as the secretary of the organization.

As time passed and the team’s popularity grew, Madrid obtained their first league title in the 1931 to 32 season. This proved to be the start of the team’s power with this title being the start of the 29 League titles that they would accomplish over the years. Due to the start of the war in 1936 Real Madrid’s popularity started to decrease. Attempts were made by Pablo Hernandez to keep the team in the public eye, but multiple attempts failed miserably. While all hope appeared to be lost, 1939 brought the first full house at Chamartin Stadium for Real Madrid. While it was perceived that interest in football decreased with the war, support held and grew as the war rolled on with its popularity becoming well known when the war was over.

1943 brought their first historical win. In a semi-final game against the Catalans, Madrid defeated them with a score of 11-1. As the years passed, the team proved itself to be a power to be reckoned with. The 1950’s brought the team’s third league title after 23 years.

When it comes to league titles, Real Madrid is one of the only teams in the league to win five consecutive times in the 76 year history of the competition. They accomplished this feat in the 1960-61, 1964-65, 1985-86 and 1989-90 seasons. No other team in the history of the competition has been able to meet or even break the record that has been created by the successful Real Madrid team.

The present and the future show great promise for the team. With the team having just celebrated their 106 birthday in March of 2008, the team continues to achieve success. With a mixed history, their past has proven them to be a force to be reckoned with and they may just be one of the most powerful teams for years to come.

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Rafael Nadal Biography – Four Consecutive French Open Wins

Rafa is the nick name of Rafael Nadal Parera, a young man who has the world of tennis wowed by his fast rise to success. After entering the professional tennis arena at the tender age of just 15 years he has enjoyed a magnificent run of wins. This short Rafael Nadal biography is a brief look at what he has achieved in the few years he has played this widely loved spectator sport.

Reaching the pinnacle of his success as the number two tennis player in the world seems to have come very easily to Rafael Nadal. His clay-court performance has seen sixty consecutive wins, which is a magnificent achievement.

Rafa was born in the town of Manacor on the Island of Mallorca, on the 3rd June 1986. He is no newcomer to sporting achievement as his family has another well known sporting personality in its mid. His uncle was a professional football player for FC Barcelona for many years and he was only 15 when he turned professional.

Our Rafael Nadal biography tells us he was only 15 when he won his first professional tennis match the ATP in Mallorca. In this tennis match he defeated Ramon Delgado and became the ninth player to be younger than 16, to win and ATP tennis championship. One year later he became ranked as one of the top 100 singles tennis players world-wide and was the 2nd youngest player to achieve this claim to fame.

He debuted at Wimbledon aged 16 and made his way into the 3rd round. Since Boris Becker also did this, Rafa was the youngest player to reach the 3rd round at Wimbledon. By the year 2005, Rafael Nadal was ranked the world's 5th best singles tennis player and this also made him a "youngest" record.

He is perhaps best known for being the winner of the French Open on four consecutive occasions. Pete Sampras won the US Open aged 19 and Rafa was the first teenager to achieve this again. He is also the arch opponent of Roger Federerr, fourth youngest Roland Garros champion, as well as the seventh player in the history of the Grand Slam era to win one of these competitions on their first appearance.

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Discover a Reliable Betting System That Comes With Minimum Risks

Football Betting has always been complicated. A bet that seems safe, turns out to be punters worst nightmare often. Take for instance last season, who would expect Numancia to beat Barcelona on the opening day of the league. Every betting tipster predicted that Barcelona will sail through easily.

Therefore, a less dangerous approach is needed to make sports betting safer. It is only a matter of discipline and technique that are needed by the bettor to develop his safe betting system. Without discipline and technique, it could lead to serious complications.

In Britain, the (British Medical Association) called gambling, compulsive gambling and lotteries a social poison. The addiction to it, is as destructive as the addiction to drugs and alcohol, causing serious physical, and psychological damage that contribute to family breakdown and financial collapse.

In order to avoid the above social poison, strict discipline and a less dangerous way to bet is needed. One of it is to bet on the double opportunities; that is to say, we spoke of that one option that occurs in almost all the houses of bets, in which we can choose between 1X, 12 or X2.

This approach is not entirely foolproof, but the percentage of failures will be limited.

Another variation of double opportunities or chance is to place a lay bet on the home, and away team or the draw at betting exchanges. When a lay bet is placed on the home team, you win your bet when the away team wins or draw the match. When a lay bet is placed on the away team, you win your bet when the home team wins or draw the match. When a lay bet is placed on the draw, you win if either team wins the match.

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