Barcelona’s Victory Over Sevilla Closes the Gap on Madrid

At the start of the weekend of 17th-18th March 2012 FC Barcelona was a full ten points behind their most bitter rivals, Real Madrid, a team that had gelled during Jose Mourinho’s second season in command. While both teams’ performance was amongst the best in the world, it is true that Barcelona hit a flat spot in the early part of the New Year and lost valuable points exactly when they needed to keep within breathing distance of Real Madrid. What must have been galling to Mourinho though was that most football pundits still tipped Barcelona as the world’s best team, despite the evidence painted by the numbers.

The Catalans visited Sevilla on Saturday night, a team that is never walkover, and unlike some recent matches they looked good from the start. Sometimes the players seem to take some time to warm up properly, and this has cost them in the past. However, Barcelona was attacking the Sevilla goal just minutes into the game. While not successful in these early attempts, it did signal their intent. However, when Adriano was knocked to the ground, Barcelona was awarded a free kick. Xavi took the shot from just outside the area and curled the ball into the top corner to put the visitors into the lead after quarter of an hour.

Barcelona continued to attack the Sevilla goal with real flare, showing why they are rated so highly for truly playing “the beautiful game”. And at the twenty-five minute mark Iniesta set up Argentine superstar Lionel Messi, who scored his 150th league goal for Barcelona. The hosts came close to scoring after an error by Pique, but a del Moral header hit the crossbar and the rebound was out of his reach.

Sevilla came on strong in the second half and looked like they might mean business. Despite a good attempt at the goal they soon ran out of energy and Barcelona once again picked up the pace to control the game. Barcelona had several more attempts at scoring a third but they didn’t quite make it and when Messi scored in injury time the goal was ruled offside to leave the final score at 2-0 to Barcelona.

The result meant that Barcelona was temporarily seven points behind Madrid, who were to face Malaga on Sunday. In that match it looked like Madrid was going to win by a single goal on the late Sunday night match. However, a last minute goal by Malaga meant that Madrid had to settle for a single point, leaving Barcelona eight points behind them at the top of the Spanish League. While not impossible to close the gap, realistically the title had already been settled though.

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13 Facts About Tenerife

As many of us know, Tenerife has become a top holiday destination in Europe, continuing to grow with more visitors going every year. There are many fun and interesting facts about Tenerife, and if you’re planning on visiting, here are 13 facts to start you off.

1. The Tenerife flag is the same as that of Scotland’s.

2. 5 million tourists visit Tenerife every year.

3. Although part of Europe and using the Euro as their currency, it is not part of the EU.

4. Tourism drives Tenerife’s local economy and makes up for 60% of their GDP.

5. One is six people in Tenerife is involved in the tourism/hospitality industry

6. Tenerife has the third largest island volcano in the world – Mount Teide

7. 43% of the entire Canary Islands’ population lives on Tenerife

8. About 5 times more people visit Tenerife every year than there are people living there.

9. The little bumper stickers with ‘SP’ that can be found on many vehicles, doesn’t stand for Spain, but instead for ‘Servicio Publico’.

10. Tenerife offers more five star properties than either Madrid or Barcelona.

11. Tenerife’s Thai-themed water park, Siam Park, offers the highest water slide in the world.

12. The Tenerife is the largest of the Canary Islands

13. Tenerife has 300 sunny days a year

There are many more fun facts about the place and Tenerife holidays are something that go highly recommended – it is an ideal holiday destination for both young couples (or singles) looking for a busy night life and families that need plenty of activities and attractions to take their kids to – and since it is a top holiday destination, flights are cheap!

Flights from the UK to Tenerife only last between 4 to 5 hours and your entire holiday can be planned on a shoe-string budget, making it an ideal place for a quick holiday getaway.

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