FC Barcelona Pictures and News

Experience the glorious past and the vibrant present of FC Barcelona through pictures and news readily available online. Apart from the official club website, exciting and breathtaking FC Barcelona pictures are in abundance in several blogs, news sites, and websites dedicated to the club. Check out the latest FC Barcelona news in the top news sites in the world as well as in the official and other unofficial websites.

Futbol Club Barcelona, nicknamed Barça, is not as much as a football club as it is a Catalan institution. Founded in 1899, it is one of the best Spanish clubs with Real Madrid as its closest rival. At present, it home to other sports teams apart from the football club.

FC Barcelona is said to be the most popular football club in the whole of Europe. Some surveys show that it has a fan base of 44.2 million fans in the football-crazy continent alone. Hence, FC Barcelona news and Barça rumors are in great demand online. Fans are also racing to shoot photos of their beloved club during matches and sell them online. Online buyers are faced with several options.

Track Record

Barça is among the big three Spanish football club. Alongside Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid, it has never been relegated or demoted from the La Liga, the premier league in Spain. All in all, the club has lifted 18 La Liga titles, a record of 24 Spanish Cups, two League Cups, and seven Spanish Super Cups.

In European leagues, FC Barcelona has won four UEFA Cup Winners’ Cups, two European Cups, two UEFA Super Cups, and three Inter-Cities Fairs Cups.

Camp Nou

The home stadium of Barça is Camp Nou, also referred to as “Nou Camp.” Constructed in 1957, it has witnessed hundreds of football matches against visiting clubs since 1857. Camp Nou is rated by the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) as a five-star stadium. It can hold up to 98,772 people and is the biggest European football stadium.

Camp Nou is one of the preferred hosts of UEFA Champions League Finals. The club won their very first game at their new stadium in 1957. They thrashed Legia Warsaw of Germany, 4-2.It was built from 1954 to 1957 and was designed by a group of three architects. The stadium has also been the venue for several major music events.

There are plenty of FC Barcelona pictures with Camp Nou as the background available to fans. They come in colored and black-and-white. Sometimes, the pictures are able to capture the club in their most intense action. There is drama, joy, love, and passion in pictures. You could also easily find group and individual photos.

Latest News

In the most recent Barça news, the club bulldozed Malaga in a pre-weekend La Liga match. The resounding win catapulted the club to the topmost position in the league standings, six points ahead Real Madrid. They are slated to next face Valladolid but their recent triumph over Malaga is bound to boost their spirits prior to their anticipated UEFA Champions League quarterfinal fixture against Germany’s Bayern Munich. Browse online for photos and the latest news of the match.

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Protect Your Knees While Playing Soccer – Best Knee Braces For Soccer

Soccer is a sport that is played by thousands of people all over the world, young and old alike. You will find informal soccer games going on in many schoolyards and sports fields, and it is also a professional sport that is extremely popular in Europe, where it is called football or, more affectionately, footie.

Soccer involves a considerable amount of running, and players are not allowed to touch the ball with their hands, which means players use and injure their legs more. The only player who is allowed to pick up the ball with his or her hands is the goalie. The object of the game is to get the ball from one end of the field to the other, and get it past the goalie into the net, which will earn the player a point.

Knee Braces are Worn by Many Players for Support During Play

Soccer players shouldn’t wait until they have a knee injury to wear a knee brace. In fact, wearing a brace can help to reduce the chance of knee injuries by providing support to the joint while moving. Many soccer players understand the benefits of wearing knee braces, and one of the preferred models is the DonJoy Full Force Ligament Knee Brace, because it is extremely durable and lightweight enough to make it comfortable for the wearer.

Don’t Get Weighed Down by Your Knee Brace

Most athletes who wear braces need to make sure that they get one that is lightweight and easy to move around in. After all, the last thing most athletes want to do is give up playing their favorite sport just because of a little old knee injury, and wearing a brace can often make it more comfortable for them to play, especially if they are recovering from a knee injury of any kind. The DonJoy Full Force Ligament Knee Brace is extremely popular with soccer players because its lightweight design relieves knee pain makes movement much easier than if they were wearing traditional, heavy braces.

Other Benefits of the DonJoy Full Force Ligament Knee Brace

There are all kinds of different types of knee injuries, and the DonJoy Full Force Ligament Knee Brace can be used to treat a number of them, including ACL, PCL, MCL and LCL instabilities and hyperextension. This brace can also help in the recovery following ACL and PCL reconstruction surgery. Plus, wearing this brace, especially while involved in activities such as soccer, can help to prevent injuries or at least minimize any injuries you may receive while playing.

The DonJoy Full Force Ligament Knee Brace has a Four-Points of Leverage Dynamic System, which helps to reduce strain on the ACL, as well as FourcePoint Hinge Technology. This helps to keep the knee in the proper position while walking or moving.

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Best Places to Visit in Europe

Visiting Europe is a life-changing event that everyone should experience at least once. Even so, if you do not take time out to see some of the gems that Europe has to offer, the trip will not be worth taking at all. Some of the best places to visit in Europe are landmarks that will transform your vacation into the trip of a lifetime.


The largest city in the Netherlands has become the up-and-coming hotspot for young people to visit in Europe. Literally overnight, Amsterdam has transformed into one of the richest cultural destinations in Europe, and has earned the title of “Festival City” for its hosting of over 75 festivals a year throughout the city.


Tuscany is perhaps the most pivotal city to visit in Italy. The area houses medieval towns, rolling hillsides, and beaches galore. With its expansive vineyards and wineries, rich heritage and exquisite architecture, there is no shortage of reasons to give Tuscany a whirl.


Berlin is the capital city of Germany, and it is the largest city in Germany as well. It has a highly politicized history and international appeal, with museums and landmarks abound. There are multiple downtown areas in Berlin, and each has its own local flavor and distinct personality.


The capital city of Italy, Rome is simply necessary for the avid history buff to visit. Old Rome is where to find the Renaissance era architecture, coliseums, streets, and plazas. The artifacts and cathedrals of the Vatican are breathtaking, and there are authentic cafes and fantastic museums for miles and miles. No wonder that this impressive city features heavily in “Best Places to visit in Europe” compilations!


Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain. It is worth visiting for the Gothic architecture alone. The most amazing stop to make in Barcelona is Antoni Gaudí’s Sagrada Família church. Buildings aside, some of the best chefs in Europe serve up the cuisine in Barcelona and the avant-garde art scene in the city has electrified the atmosphere there with contemporary flair.


If you want to experience authentic Mediterranean lifestyle while in Europe, then Malta is your best choice. The whole country is dubbed as an “open-air museum”, with a rich history spanning thousands of years, gorgeous beaches, New Stone Age temples and a fantastic nightlife. Malta is especially popular with overseas students looking to enhance their English Language skills while on vacation.

When planning your vacation, it is imperative to make a list of the best places to visit in Europe before you go. If you make stops at these locations, your trip to Europe will be the most memorable time of your life.

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