UEFA Champions League Finbal 2006-2007 Review

The most prestigious and lucrative football competition in Europe is the UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE. Real Madrid, Manchester United, Liverpool, Barcelona, AC Milan, Ajax, FC Porto, Bo Russia Dortmund and a host of others having a taste of the soccer experience. The 2006/2007 edition of the championship with AC Milan in a battle for supremacy with Liverpool, AC Milan lost to Liverpool in 2004/2005 edition in what is referred to as a fight to finish comeback. AC Milan leading by three goals to nothing were shocked by Liverpool equalizer in the second held which take both sides to a penalty shoot out with the polish international Jerzy Dudek winning the day by saving three of AC Milan’s penalty.

“2006/2007 is year of revenge!” this is what most AC Milan players and fans were saying. The Liverpool side is replying is a repeat of 2004/2005 with both side making few changes in their side. Both manager Carlos Ancelotti and Rafael Benitez are assumed to have known the weaknesses of one another. AC Milan qualified from their group alongside Lille ahead with ten points, winning three matches drawing one and losing two. They came out on top of the group AC Milan had a humble start which make many people think they are not capable of getting to the final of the champions league, luckily winning Celtic with an extra time goal by Brazilian born Kaka, won the match 1 – 0 on aggregate for them. The went to play Bayern Munich, that sent Real Madrid (another strong team) packing.

The case was clear and everyone was saying Bayer will go pass AC Milan after a 2 – 2 first leg draw at the San-Sirs stadium home of A C Milan . A C Milan also shocked many by turning the table to win away in Bayern home stadium with goals coming from Clarence Seedorf and Fillippoinzaghi. The won 2 – 4 on aggregate. They met another strong side with that greatest defeat margin in the 2006 – 2007 champions leagues Manchester United in a highly explosive semifinal. The first leg ended 3 – 2 with goals from Kaka for A C Milan, united did well by coming back from one goal down to end the march with a win, with goals coming from Cristiano Ronald and Wayne Rooney’s brace. The second leg was great for AC allowing united no space and ensuring they did not concede goal. They defeated United with goals coming from Clarence seed off, Kaka and the substitute Gilargino to end the march 5 – 3 on aggregate.

Liverpool in their side tops their group convincingly with 13 points from 6 matches alongside PS V ahead of Bordeaux and Galatasaray. Liverpool was drawn alongside Barcelona the defensive championship. Liverpool were spectacular with their away match by 2 – 1 with goals coming from Craig Bellamy and Jean Arne Riise. They played in the second leg and did not concede too many goal, they were unlucky not to score, because most of their shots on goal hit goal post. The only goal from Eidur Audhonsen could not help Barcelona the crashed by away goal rule (2 – 2) was the aggregate. Liverpool went to the quarter to meet PSV again. They defeated PSV at home 3 – 0 and also defeated them at a field (their 45, 362 home ground). They won 1 – 0 to end the match 4 – 0 on aggregate.

It was the turn of Chelsea, co English side to pack the load from the champion’s league when they met Liverpool. Chelsea wont he first leg to Anfield conceded a goal to make it 1 – 1 on aggregate. This lead to a penalty and Chelsea were on the packing side. It is A C Milan and Liverpool final.

All roads led to Athens the venue of the champion’s league 2006/2007 final on the 23rd of May 2007 where A C Millan will play Liverpool. Betting went on all round the world as people were betting that their preferable side will win. Both side wanted to win both managers playing on techniques which will work, the time did the judgment of technique when Fillipo Inzagbi converted a free kick that took a deflection on Liverpool player into the net and Liverpool tried to create to equalize but to no avail in the other hand A C Milan are looking for a chance to double their lead, all efforts by A C Milan to double the lead were caught offside.

Benitez introduced Peter Crouch for his head and height advantage. AC Milan continued to press forward surprisingly a chance was created again by A C Milan, this time not in an off side position. Dirk Kuyt late goal could not save the Reds as the Liverpool go down by 1 goal to 2. an AC Millan day people call it. Analyst have their saying, many blamed Rafael Benitez late substitution of Mascherano of Crouch. No matter to what they say A C Milan has added another feather to their cap. Good play to both side for giving us good final both played well but a side will Liverpool were in the receiving side congratulations to the players, coaching crew, officials, board members and fans of AC Milan Worldwide.

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How Badminton Rackets Evolved To Suit The Sport of Badminton

In the earlier times, the game of Badminton was called Battledore and the Greeks and Asians were the first ones to play it. During the 1850s, the Duke of Beaufort revolutionized the game in his house in Gloucestershire and called it badminton. His home was later identified by the locals as the Badminton House.

In 1992, the popularity of badminton grew all over the world after its official debut in the Barcelona Olympics. Currently, the number of players and professionals of badminton is growing and more world badminton tournaments are being organized because of this. Badminton is truly an interesting and fast-paced sport that can be enjoyed by both beginners and pros. It is also a great and fun way to stay fit and healthy.

Even though the game of badminton started in an English House, the sport is now globally known and is a very popular sport in the Asian countries like Malaysia, South Korea, Indonesia and China. These Asian countries are now producing world class players and China is producing the top badminton players. The Chinese have won a lot of major and world tournaments in the last few years and they are able to keep the top spot.

Battledore and Shuttlecock

The early game of battledore was very basic. Two individuals would hit a shuttlecock back and forth with a plain bat until one person misses and the shuttlecock falls to the ground. Those bats had handles and heads which are similar to the modern day rackets. The difference is that the head was entirely solid and made out of wood. Woven strings were not yet used during that time.

Wooden Racket

Initially, the badminton rackets consisted of a woven head and a concrete frame or body in the same way tennis rackets were made from during those times. The string utilized for the head of the battledore racket was created from animal by product and the frame was made from wood. The grip was long and bare, easily causing some cuts on the hand.

Metal Racket

In time, the rackets made from wood were changed by metal rackets. The next rackets were made from steel as it was a great metal. Soon, aluminum rackets became a more preferred choice because it was a lighter racket. This revolutionized the game and permitted the players to hit and roam within the court easier. It also lessened the degree of fatigue and stress being placed by the heavier badminton rackets. The handles were equipped with a grip material to enhance the control and comfort of the user.

Composite Racket

The badminton rackets being used today are now made from composite or synthetic materials, with carbon and graphite fiber being the most widely used materials. The modern badminton rackets are way lighter and have better grip and power than the early rackets. These are equipped with light yet sturdy nylon strings and other materials with handles specially covered in grips for better control.

Other than the frames, the best badminton rackets out in the market today are created using premium materials like those used to make the strings and grips. There are different badminton rackets that can suit a player’s style and level of play.

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How to Survive Espit Chupitos Bar in Barcelona

Espit Chupitos is a famous bar in Barcelona, really an authentic city attraction that you don’t have to miss during your Spanish night out. Espit Chupitos is a chupito bar. What’s a chupito? A chupito is a shot, an alcoholic drink served in small glasses. It can consist of one type of alcohol or a cocktail of different alcohols, mixed with other beverages often shaken, blended or layered.

The particular thing of this place it’s that they offer a list of 500 original shots, all unique and protected by copyrights – that is to say that you can have original chupitos only in one of the Espit Chupitos bars- and they are served with plays, tricks and funny games. Many chupitos involve fire, sweeties, tricks and in one case whipped cream and a sex toy (this one is called “Monica Lewinsky”…). If you want to see some interesting fire games, ask for a Harry Potter or El Pacto del Diablo. Espit Chupitos offers also cocktails: if you are going there with friends try the 1 litre glass to be shared with straws.

A single chupito is pretty cheap, it costs 2 euro, the one litre glass is 10. But why this “How to survive” guide? Well, Espit Chupitos is not a bar like others so you have to be prepared to the experience to fully enjoy it. Here it is:

o It is highly probably that if you go there at about midnight, the bar will be full of people and the temperature really high (also due to the fire). Be patient and take your time.

o Chupitos are served at the bar: if it is full of people you have to wait to order and to get your space at the bar. Try to be there when someone leave a place.

o When finally you get the bar, don’t leave it to go to the bathroom, to meet friends or to smoke outside. The suggestion is to stay there until you have enough or you will have to wait some other minutes.

If you are looking for a place to drink something in a relaxed ambience and chat with your friends, well, better to avoid this place. Espit Chupitos is a crazy bar, always crowded and with a very funny atmosphere.

You can find some Espit Chupitos located in different parts of the town: the “original” one in Barcelona, the most famous, is located in Calle Arribau 77, in the right part of the Eixample district; a second one is close there, just five minutes walking and it is inside the disco bar ‘La Fira’: it could be a good choice to continue your night out as you can continue having their great chupitos and dance on the stage. It is a local in between a bar with some tables and sofas to stay with friends and a disco playing local Spanish, pop and commercial music. The address is Calle Provença 171, between Aribau and Muntaner. You can find a third Espit Chupitos in the Gotico district near to the port (Paseo Colon 8). If you are partying in the Las Ramblas areas, especially near the Colon statue, think about reach this bar for (at least) a couple of shots. These three are probably the most known Espit bars but here others of the family: El Gato Negro en Consell de Cent 278, La Sal Barcelona en Avinguda de Manuel Azaña plus two more in Sabadell and in Tarragona. Espit Chupitos is the right place to start your night, before going to a club or in some other bars with friends.

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