Discover the Costa Brava’s Natural Beauty

Holidays to the Costa Brava first became popular during the 1950’s when Ava Gardner and Frank Sinatra first visited the region. Despite the rapid growth in tourism over the last 60 years, it has still managed to retain much of its Catelonian charm and tradition.

The resort of Santa Susanna is perhaps the perfect example of exactly what Costa Brava holidays have to offer. It is one of the Costa Brava’s best loved holiday destinations despite officially being located in the lesser known Costa Meresme. Split into two halves the touristy sea front offers fantastic restaurants and lively bars while just inland you are greeted with traditional Catalonian style. Picturesque narrow streets are lined with pretty chapels, ancient watch towers and whitewashed houses. The locals are very welcoming and there are a few authentic Catelonian restaurants offering tasty traditional cuisine.

Modern hotels, bars and restaurants line the promenade where you’ll find life is a bit more touristy and livelier. You can walk right along the promenade into neighbouring Malgrat de Mar.

The locals love the beach life here which is always a good sign. There are plenty of water sports on offer here for those energetic enough to join in or simply lie back, relax and top up your tan.

Santa Susanna lies between the clear blue Mediterranean waters and a beautiful national park called the Massif Montenegro. Horse riders, mountain bikers, nature lovers and keen walkers will love spending days discovering the natural beauty on their Costa Brava holidays.

The whole town takes to the streets during August as a month long carnival celebrates the life of the town’s patron saint, Santa Susanna. Dancing, feasting, games and competitions fill the days and nights here as the whole family are encouraged to join in with the Sardana, a local folk dance.

The whole family will love the rides and slides of Water World, Europe’s largest water park just between here and Lloret de Mar.

Marineworld just nearby is home to over 300 animals and dolphin and sea lion shows will enthral young and old alike. The beautiful city of Barcelona is within easy reach and well worth a visit whilst you are here.

The Costa Brava gets quite cool during the winter months but exceptionally hot during the summer. Early and late season is the best time to take cheap holidays in the Costa Brava when the weather is a little cooler, the resorts a little quieter and the kids are still in school. Tour operators are often looking to fill empty hotel beds and seats on planes at this time, so you might just be able to grab yourself a bargain.

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Best Backpacking Destinations In The World

While every destination in the world can be a great backpacking destination, there are some destinations which truly stand out. If you are looking for an amazing backpacking experience, here are 10 backpacking destinations to help you get started:

1. Brazil– Cheap, beautiful and with amazing beaches- that summarizes Brazil for you. If you are looking for a beach holiday, consider a backpacking trip to Brazil. While the place comes alive during the carnival season, it is best explored during the lean season. When the carnival is not on, there are much less people on the street, the hotels are much less expensive, and you have much more time to seep in the energy of the place. However, while travelling in Brazil, make sure you take special care of your belongings. The destination is notorious for petty crimes like pick pocketing.

2.Ladakh, India– If you are more of a mountain person and want to experience some really thrilling treks, head to Ladakh in India. Trekking in Ladakh is a memorable experience, with high mountain peaks to climb, trekking on frozen rivers and much more. But trekking isn’t the only highlight of a Ladakh trip. While here, consider taking a mountain biking tour on Khardung La Pass, or rover rafting in River Zanskar too.

3. Luxor, Egypt– How about a trip to a mystical land which has several folklores, stories and theories associated with it? Egypt may be going through an emotional turmoil right now, but it takes nothing away from the beauty of Luxor, the land of mystical journeys. You can pack your backpack and just explore the terrain if Luxor. You are sure to make some discoveries along the way, and pleasant ones at that.

4. Bolivia– Wildlife safaris always make for an adventurous experience. And you don’t need much for an amazing wildlife safari, apart from a good destination of course. One of the best destinations for a wildlife safari is Bolivia, a part of the Amazon basin. The destination is a treasure trove of varied flora and fauna. A trip to Bolivia costs much less than it does to other popular adventure destinations out there such as New Zealand. And there are plenty of opportunities for memorable adventure activities here.

5. Berlin, Germany– No, this is not a typing error. Berlin isn’t your usual backpacking destination. In fact, it is one of the more expensive European destinations. However, if you look beyond the travel guides and the usual touristy landmarks, there is a world to be explored in Berlin. You just need to let yourself go, talk to the locals and you could be in for a really good surprise. Just don’t whisper the N word here, even by mistake.

6.Italy– The land of great artists, that’s what Italy is. And you can see their mark almost everywhere you go in Italy. There are grand churches to explore, intricate masterpieces to admire and much more. The best part about Italy, apart from its art and architecture, is its budget friendly choices. You can always find good budget hotels here, and good pizzas don’t cost much here. In fact, you don’t need to spend too much to get good food in Italy.

7. Barcelona, Spain– Barcelona in Spain is probably one of the most romantic destinations in the world. The French would disagree there, but Barcelona has an old-world charm about it. Spanish music plays on the streets, there are some really old buildings to explore here, and cultural and traditional heritage of Spain to enjoy. And unlike other similar cultural destinations around the world, Barcelona doesn’t make a fuss about it.

8. Aegina, Greece– Travelling isn’t always about visiting places, exploring traditions, and making discoveries. It is also about putting your feet up once in a while and enjoying the surroundings around you. For a laidback backpacking experience, head to Aegina in Greece. Even during the peak season, you won’t find many people here, so you can be rest assured of a private holiday experience here. And for times when you need a little more fun, Santorini Island is just closeby.

9. Lamu– Most so-called remote destinations around the world are nothing but marketing gimmicks. With hungry tour operators trying to milk every destination possible, there is hardly a remote destination left out there. That’s what makes Lamu special. Nothing can get more remote than Lamu. With a handful of population, it is island located close to Kenya. It prides itself as one of the oldest settlements in the world, and it seems to be stuck in time. Donkeys are the mode of transport here, and you won’t find much activity here even one a busy day. It is just perfect for those who like lone beaches, for there are plenty here.

10. Reykjavik, Iceland– Ibiza may be the mother of all party destinations, but if you are looking for someplace cheap and fun, head to Reykjavik in Iceland. Currently, it is one of the hottest party destinations out there. The cold climes, significantly budget friendly clubs and eye candy make it just perfect for party lovers.

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Las Ramblas – A Fine Place to Visit and Spend Your Next Vacation

Las Ramblas is a street in central Barcelona which is quite popular among the tourists and the local people. The street is 1.2 kilometer long with street lined pedestrian, it connects Placa Catalunya in the center with the Christopher Columbus monument at Port vell. This famous street is actually a series of shooter streets, each are named differently.

From the Placa de Catalunya towards the harbor the street is successively named as Rambla de Canaletes, the Rambla dels Estudis, the Rambla dels Caputxins, and the Rambla de Santa Monica. It is a continuation of La Rambla on a wooden walkway into the harbor.

Las Ramblas can be crowded most of the time, especially during the prime time when the tourists visit the place. Most times there are more tourists found than local people. This has changed the selection of the shopping and the character of the street in general. A Spanish poet Federico Garcia Lorca once had commented on the street, "the only street in the world which I wish would never end". The name Rambla refers to an intermittent water flow in Catalan and Spanish languages. In Arabic, Rambla means sandy riverbed.

Transportation along Las Ramblas in Barcelona

It is primarily for pedestrian walk with only two narrow one-way traffic roads which run on either side of the central Ramblas Boulevard. There is restriction of traffic flow through this region to enable the pedestrians overwhelming feeling that rules this area. The Ramblas has three metro stops which make a superb transport point to see the rest of the city.

Attractions along Las Ramblas

There are many attractions along the Las Ramblas which starts from live performances to human stature art, artists who draw your portrait or caricature. There are some established attractions too like Wax Museum Erotica museum, Christopher Columbus monument and Modernist Boquerón Market.

Shopping in Barcelona

There are numerous options to shop around in the area. There are many restaurants and shop along the full length of the walkway. For the tourists visiting Las Ramblas, it can be a real fun sitting and dining there. Accommodation There are a number of accommodations available in Las Ramblas. One among them is Las Ramblas Apartment that provides you comfort home with all facilities and an excellent environment. They not only provide you with incredible facilities, you can also enjoy making your own food in its modern equipped kitchen.

The excellent and luxurious balcony in the apartments enables a view of the area too. In a nutshell if you have plans to visit Barcelona, Las Ramblas must be your stop. This area you must definitely not miss out as it is worth visiting. The street though packed with tourists, is an exciting place to see and a perfect place for ambling around, shopping and eating. Taking a pleasant stroll, you can admire the beautiful medieval architecture of the Barri Gotic all around. However, if you do not have plans to visit Barcelona, ​​it is a highly recommended place to plan your holidays there and visit this famous street in particular.

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